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עודכן בתאריך: 7/9/2009

The Israeli association of fire and arson investigators was established at 1989, it is a registered association No. 58-014-300-6.

The Israeli chapter is the 57th chapter out of 63 chapters of the worldwide organization IAAI - "international association of Arson investigators"

Following a link to the international association site:  www.Firearson.com


The association members are experts from diverse & varied profession field of areas, disciplines & branches, including: fire & arson investigators, loss adjusters, assessors, engineers, risk surveyors, safety & security personals, insurance, lawyers, private investigators, the armed & security service forces, the police, the fire department, chemists, alarms, monitoring & detector systems experts,  and other interested parties.


The association welcomes anyone who wishes to be count with her members as subject to the professional entry terms and such that are required by the association regulations.


The association's members are being updated at the fire & arson investigation field by studies, education programs, and seminars as well as by books & magazines that are being published by the association periodically.


The association based, functioning & operating by regulation & standards that is obligating it's members.

For full association obligations enter here.


Activating, functioning & operating the association as an organization & it's decisions are carried out by the main board of Director members and duty owners, managed & headed By the association chairman in front.


The association main board of Director Members and chairman are democratically elected by the association member's in a secret ballot voting elections that carried out once every two years.


See here a name list of the association main board of Director, functional duty owners & association members.


Following are the main goals & purpose of the association:


·       Promote & improve the professional standards at fire & arson investigation in Israel

·       To enrich the professional knowledge of the association member's.

·       Promoting regularization of a fire & arson investigators & training regulations in the law.

·       Translate & translating updates of the book NFPA 921.

·       Arranging of professional workshops, seminars & education programs.

·       Publishing the association's professional magazines that are being published by the association periodically.

·       Promoting research's, study projects, development, & experiment due to fire & arson investigating.

·       To be a loyal & reliable representation chapter of the worldwide organization IAAI - "international association of Arson investigators" – in Israel.



The Israel association of fire and arson investigators

Refer to Moshe Ginosar (as. Secretary)

P.O.B 45 pas hayerek St. Kiryat haim – zip code 26103

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